My daughter came home for the holiday from her group home. She was in good spirits. I swear she has grown a foot in the last year. When I went to pick her up I noticed that there is another bed in her bedroom. Obviously she has gained a roomate and no one has informed me of this change. This bothers me somewhat. I think more that I was not notified more than her sharing a room. She has never shared a room before. The house had told me that her sleeping has been a bit off. She also has had med changes in the last few weeks and that was my assumption for the sleep issues. But now that I see she has a roomate this can also be a major sleep issue. My daughter is new to this house. She was previously in Mattoon IL and now is in Pekin IL. This is much closer to our home. The new home is much cleaner and the staff seems much more educated. She is now seeing Dr. Serrano in Peoria for her meds. I went to a conference with Dr. Serrano a few years ago on medications and children. At that time I asked the Dr. what medications she recommended for use with autistics and she told me she was not familiar with ANY at that time. I hope she is better educated on the subject now. She is wanting to change my daughters meds and decrease the amount of different types she is taking. I would like my daughter not to have to take medications but I also want her to be able to sleep and function at school/home with minmal stemming behaviors. We will see. Kaylee was home for three days and slept till almost 10am two of the three days! I think maybe it is the roomate not the meds.

Well it is late and I am tired it has been a long holiday. If anyone has a good suggestion on where to take a severely autistic child for a tooth filling in the Peoria IL area please let me know. Dr. Rick of Peoria cleaned her teeth a few years ago and now refuses to see her again because it took me 6 months to pay the bill. I feel this is outragous! My daughter had to be put to sleep for the procedure at a major hospital and the bill was covered 90% by my insurance. The remainder was still quite large but I did pay it. Anyway, my daughter is not able to speak but I can tell the tooth is hurting her because she is constantly wanting deep pressure on it. Please let me know of any ideas.


In Chicago I know of Dentistry for Kids and they do not put your child to sleep. Dr. Kirk Kollmann fixed my daughter's teeth. Dentistry + Autism= A Recipe For Disaster!! I wanted to share this with you guys again, it's so important!! Candy is nonverbal with behavioral issues. I brought her to the dentist she did great!! If any autism moms in the Chicagoland area are looking for a fabulous dentist for their child I highly recomend him!!! HE DON'T DRUG OUR KIDS!!

Have you looked into Dr Jeff

Have you looked into Dr Jeff Cantor in the Chicagoland area...not exactly sure where...he works with EasterSeals I believe. He has an article here on AutismOne. Check him out!

There are some great DAN! doctors in IL should get an opinion there about her meds. Oftentimes, our children can be taken off meds once the iunderlying conditions and mbalances are looked at.

Good luck!