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Are You Jealous? Autism and Emotions

Are you Jealous? How many emotions do family members dealing with Autism go through in a day. Then I was thinking how many do we bury? It is great to talk. It is even better to talk to your partner. What Happens when the pipes flowing Communication get clogged with artery sludge of pent up unspoken emotions. Today I would like to talk about Jealousy. Remember this is from the perspective of a man that many say is unable to process and understand the emotions of those around me.

Mason Alert Update Wandering Awareness and Prevention

On Wednesday, November 10 and Thursday November 11 the Mason Allen Medlam Foundation for Autism Safety met with the creators of the Take Me Home Program to create new registry software known as the Mason Alert Take Me Home Program.

Today I Cried. #FAY Feel Autism Yet?

Let's just say I am not a really emotional person outwardly. There are times when my wife would say I am devoid of emotion. I think it is a source of pride that I am usually even keeled and not much knocks me off center in this Roller Coaster life dealing with Autism.. Todays events though knocked me for a loop and I Cried.

Belly Buttons, Chicken Wings, Election, and Autism Things To contemplate

Did you know if you Google "Belly Buttons" Today it comes up 429,000 times. I swear this topic or one related was a trending topic on Twitter and the nightly glam News was spouting something about them. I don't know why but is stuck in my head and I can't shake the the thought. Why does the public fixate, react, and discuss topics such as this?
A friend of mine donated my 30,000th tweet a few months ago. It went something like this.

"If it is not directed, it is not discussed. It is time to discuss Autism." Dan Sokola

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Big Sur Sentiments

Steven Janak approaches the top of his next hill in the Big Sur range along the coast.

Our AutismOne biker Steven Janak ...

In his AutismOne bike trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles Steven had many moments of mind wandering (as do most bikers).


U.S. Senator Tom Harkin: Hearing on ...

On August 5, 2009 Senator Tom Harkin Democrat, Iowa held a hearing on Autism Research, Treatments and Interventions with the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education.

The following statements from Senator Harking help summarize the hearing.


Weekend AutismOne 30 Minute Global News in Review - 01/15/11

Rob and Michael introduce a great show that reviews articles about the National Autism Association rebuttal of the recent criticism of Dr. Wakefield, an antibiotic (rifaximin) is helpful in treating a small portion of those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the exciting use of RNA to switch on and off the cellular productioin of proteins, an FDA panel urges the ban of amalgam use for children, babies and pregnant women, better health and happiness found in the social networks of churches and a serious criticism of the terms, use of, and rewriting of the DSM IV.

AutismOne Weekly Global News featuring Dr. Robert Cobin

Dr. Cobin gives a superb interview about the use of his technique of helping the minds of those with ASD using fMRI and the training techniques for which he has achieved world recognition and renown.