Vitamin Bcomplex helps

I forgot to mention that Emily(granddaugher) has been receiving Vitamin B complex, liquid form, for several months and it helps her cognition and her attention span. We added calcium, magnesium & zinc but didn't see as much improvement as with the Vitamin B complex. I just thought I'd mention this. Some of you may already know about vitamin B. How did I know about this? Two reasons, first, I learned about it from my PhD & ND studies, (vitamin B & brain function), and second, when I was 9 years old I developed a neurological problem stemming from a virus, It was called polyneuritis & my doctor has no idea where it came from until much research later. It affected my peripheral motor nerves only (i.e. I could put my finger on a stove & my brain would get the message it was hot, but when I went to move my hand, the message from my brain to my muscles got lost in transit.) Anyway, my doctor had me on large doses of Vitamin B complex to help the nerve function. I outgrew it, as predicted by a family friend who was also a doctor, although not practicing at the time (that's another story). I thought the Vitamin B complex might help Emily's brain processing & it does, as it turns out. Its worth a try. Any extra B vitamins are eliminated in the urine so there is little possibility of overdose. I hope this helps.

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