Nothing new in Autism??

I've talked a bit about my son and his biomedical treatment at work....well, that's a lie because I work at an elementry school in our city that is known as the "Autism School". So, I have voiced LOTS of opinions to MANY staff members and they are pretty much sick of hearing it by now. At lunch, I talked briefly with the librairan, who, in the early 80's, worked as a Special Ed teacher and was very familiar with Autism. She decided to take an Autism class offered to teachers in our area a few weeks ago, and she was expressing her disappointment because of the LACK of new information provided.
She said she didn't learn anything that she didn't already know 30 years ago.

I am appalled at the thought someone out there teaching old-school theories as the only source of information. I learn new things almost daily. I learned about the Son-Rise program that teaches a new approach to teaching children with autism by getting down on their level and joining THEM in their play to reach them. I learned from the Hanon program in 2001 how to read body language and facial expressions- something that most collegues of mine are unaware. What about aggression? I had to search throughout the internet for days before i found two separate articles teaching the correct way to deal with an aggressive autistic child.

And those are only the therapies. What about hyperberic oxygen treatment, acupuncture, massage, vision therapy, light therapy, horse therapy.....the lists of options are almost endless.

Not to mention ALL the information pouring out on the public about Biomedical Treatment. Really? Nothing NEW to teach?

So, I'm guessing they think those things aren't for teachers as much as information for parents. But who is advising the parents to try these things? If you can convince a teacher, he or she can pass it on to the families of their students.

I feel like I'm screaming from the rooftops with laryngitis. It is SO frusterating to work at this school and see the special nees children with their allergy shiners and dry skin...sleeping and toileting troubles....illness and aggression....and not be able to do anything about it.

And when people ARE out there LOOKING to educate them with NEW information, we give 'em squat.