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Do autism myths hinder potential?

At first when I thought about "Autism Myths", the most irritating one that came to mind is the idea of an Autistic Savant. That is to say, that often when people hear your child has Autism, they immediately and expectantly ask you what his "Super Skill" is. "Wow! So, is he like, amazing in math and count numbers in his head and stuff?" "Can he tell you on what day of the week I was born?" "Is he Artistic?" "A musical genious?"

This New Generation

It seems absurd to me to assume that our new generation of autistic and other sensory issue children are exactly like Rain Man. Let me start out by saying I most definitely believe we have absolutely amazing OT's, Speech and Language Pathologists and Special Education Teachers. Without their help our children would be lost to institutions. But, some are unwiling to see outside the box. Some have not had the actual hands-on experience to go along with all the book smarts.

Nothing new in Autism??

I've talked a bit about my son and his biomedical treatment at work....well, that's a lie because I work at an elementry school in our city that is known as the "Autism School". So, I have voiced LOTS of opinions to MANY staff members and they are pretty much sick of hearing it by now. At lunch, I talked briefly with the librairan, who, in the early 80's, worked as a Special Ed teacher and was very familiar with Autism.