Fla. Officials Struggle With School Restraint Rule

Wow! After reading the article below I am so mad!


"Wilson said other behavioral approaches should have been tried first but that physical restraint can be used safely if designed to avoid pain and injury.
"We're not talking about putting someone in a prone position because they wouldn't do their homework," Wilson said. "We're talking about someone who is in the middle of biting themselves, smashing their heads into the wall, attacking another client, throwing chairs across the room that could break bones."

My little boy was that "someone..." four years ago Wilson. And the more prone face down and supine face up restraints were used upon him the more scarred physically and emotionally he ended up.

Giving him a hug, telling him that I loved him in a soothing tone without saying how awful his behavior was would de-escalate the situation... Obviously, when there is such an extreme behavior there is always a trigger that needs to be found out.

"Wilson said abolishing prone restraint would increase the use of psychotropic medications and result in more expulsions, residential placements and calls to police, who aren't so concerned about avoiding pain or injury."

Guess what Wilson... I fought with all of my might to stop the use of such restraints and I did not resort to psychotropic medications either. Today, my son is 100% mainstreamed in 4th grade and excelling academically. We just had to work on healing his gut and educating people like you! There is indeed hope for those kids!

Yesterday, my son was punished for having been unfocused in his math class. He had to walk for 5 minutes at recess.

So no matter how many mountains our children have to move in order to fit into our society they still get in trouble...

Arggggghhh time for a glass of wine!