Exercise at its Best

Yesterday I was working out and saw what I have been advocating for, for the past 6+ years.
I was working out at a track near my house. There is not much there but a track, some pull-up bars, stairs, and my bag of equipment. As I was running a few laps on the track I noticed a dad walking up with his two boys and girl.

They were all in their exercise clothes and had smiles on their faces. It seemed that they had done this before. As I watched for the corner of my eye, they all began with a drink of water from the fountain, then in a group, dad led them through a series of stretches. It was awesome! Then they headed to the track. The one boy, took off. The other son and daughter seemed to be getting coaching tips from dad. Eventually they started running.

As I made my way through the pull-ups bars and tossed medicine balls across the field, another dad came to the track with his son. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. As his son, dashed across the field, I approached him.

I told him that it was incredible what he was doing with his son. I said you are being the leader in health and fitness for him and that is what we need. He said that exercise is something he can do for the rest of his life. I couldn't agree more. To top it off, this father, had a sprained ankle and couldn't even run. But he took his son there anyway. He didn't choose video games, he didn't choose to lay on the couch with him...he still wanted him to be active.

As I later ran around the track I told the other father he was awesome. Keep up the activity with the kids. As we ran in opposite directions around the track the kids and I would give eachother "high fives." I was so happy to see this.

This is what its about....Parents I know you go above and beyond for your children....keep it up, but don't forget the important of exercise for not only to relieve some of your own stress and anxiety, but for our children on the spectrum it will help their brain as much as their body.

Yours in Health,

David S. Geslak

The Rowley 5 is in!!!


This is so true! Not only are we doing something as a family, we are helping their brains as well as bodies. Our doctors at Thoughtful House recently suggested that we take the kids to the track & "run" them. Not only are they going to get the Vitamin D benefits, the physical exercise will increase seratonin levels that could even help decrease seizure activity....how great would that be!

We have started & think we have found a new family favorite! Brooklynn is looking like a future track star!

Thanks for helping encourage families!