Back to the Garden

"And we got to get ourselves back to the garden" - Joni Mitchell

Well I am back home from A1. Happy to see my son - who grew a wonderful yeast farm in his gut while we were gone - and happy to be back to our garden.

With planting in full swing, A1 couldn't occur at a worst time of year for me. This year with Memorial Day falling a week earlier things were even worse - gardenwise. One week makes a big difference.

Anyway while in Chicago I talked to many who like gardening and wanted to know more about how they could garden with their loved ones. I also kept hearing doctors and others recommending "organic food" but wondered if they knew that sometimes that label means very little. So I decided that maybe my contribution could be to share what I knew about such issues and what I am doing concerning gardening.

I started both a "forum" and a "group" for gardening as a way others can share information and experiences. I hope to use this blog to relate my experiences and share what I know about horticulture as a therapy, "issues" with organic labeling and how one can possibly introduce those with autism to the world of gardening. And don't forget, gardening can even be a great respite for care-givers!


ps - it was also nice to come home to fresh...

fresh strawberries from the garden


 It was great to see you

 It was great to see you again at A-1, Keith.  

It was great to see you again

It was great to see you again as well(I too got the directive from my wife take a break from volunteering and attend some talks)