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My little boy and his teacher made the news... good ones!

Parenting Special Needs online magazine current issue features my son's progress thanks to an amazing teacher he had two years ago.

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My son keeps progressing. He is riding the school bus independently like a pro and he is 100% mainstreamed in fourth grade with hardly any help from his parapro.




Last night the FB Wall was staring at me and my mind was going blank after I have had one of those days... My Wines for Autism project is considered a low priority by most distributors. What can I say except that I am a little fish in a big wine pond... Call me the nagging mom I don't take NO for an answer just as I did not take "NO, there is NO HOPE for your child" as an answer either... I will just keep asking until I find the right distributors for my project. Autism is more common than pediatric cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined.

Wines for Autism and how it all started...


How it all started...

Two years ago while I was having breakfast with my husband at our local restaurant, a crazy idea dawned on me.
I saw all of these little milk boxes on the tables of customers eating their cereals and I noticed the depressing advertisement of a missing child with his picture and a phone number to contact. Although very depressing to read about another missing child I thought that the concept to help find that child was brilliant. Everybody drinks milk except a few of us for some good reason...

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Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits ...

Over 100 people gathered outside the CDC in Atlanta demanding transparency when it comes to vaccines.

U.S. Senator Tom Harkin: Hearing on ...

On August 5, 2009 Senator Tom Harkin Democrat, Iowa held a hearing on Autism Research, Treatments and Interventions with the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education.

The following statements from Senator Harking help summarize the hearing.


Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis: Discussing How Sound Affects the Person with Autism: Parent Interview from IN

Ms. Davis interviews a parent from Indiana who had organized a diagnostic evaluation testing outreach in the Evansville, IN area. From a parent's perspective, information is shared about how an outreach can be organized and what can be expected for change for the autistic client. The results are the same as long as the test battery determines the need for the therapy(ies).

Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis; Discussing How Sound Affects the Person with Autism: Auditory Processing part 3

Auditory Processing Part 3: The Davis Model of Sound Intervention follows a tree analogy, called The Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapy. Auditory Processing skills fit into the Lower Leaves and Branches of the Tree model. Today's show will discuss the 4 auditory skill levels established by Dr. Norman Erber.