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On Wednesday, after the news outlets all broke the sensational headlines that “the” study linking vaccines to the autism epidemic had been reported to be a fraud, Mark Blaxill wrote the following:

Let's put blame where blame belongs!

I was immediately enraged after reading the latest personal assault on Dr. Andy Wakefield, (which is nothing more than a rehash of the same old assault, and an embarrassing attempt to get more mileage out of it). I opened up my non monopoly word processor, (Open Office, not MS Word), and began pounding out my rage at the incredible evil of the big monopoly, the Sickness For Profit industry.

‘Independent Living’ Living a life of One’s Own

It is exciting to read about a new federal initiative that will help individuals move from institutions to the independent living. This program will involve the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Health and Human Service, with Health care and support services coordinated through Medicaid’s “Money Follows the Person.” To read more about this initiative at

I hope to help with my story and my passion to assist for people with autism

I am seeing a wonderful light at the other end of the tunnel. Here is part of my story and I hope it gives you all hope and inspires you and you can connect with me to learn more in the hopes of helping young adults with autism, and children with autism too!

Declaration of Independence

With believe in the innate goodness of Americans we will take to the streets to reclaim the fractured promise of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
Over the coming months we will gather strength from each other and continue our struggle to educate the American public, save our children, and end the autism epidemic.

BMJ declares MMR study “an elaborate fraud"

EMBARGOED until 00:01 on 06/01/2011 UK Time. Headline : BMJ Press Release: BMJ declares MMR study “an elaborate fraud"

BMJ declares MMR study “an elaborate fraud” - Autism claims likened to “Piltdown Man” hoax

Editorial: Wakefield’s article linking MMR vaccine and autism was fraudulent

Nine Ways to Enhance College Success for the Student with Autism or Related Disabilities

Going off to college can be frightening or at least uneasy for a young adult as well as parents. This event is more pronounced when the student has autism or a related disability. The fact is people with disabilities experience great difficulty entering and succeeding in the workforce and in higher education. Why is this? I believe it is because of others’ limited understanding of the capability of this group as well as inadequate supports.

The Impact of Acknowledging Challenges: Youth with Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Acknowledging your son/daughter or student’s challenges sets a powerful direction in planning, and can become a foundational building block. Consider this question: “Can acknowledging a person’s challenges really set the direction that can build upon a person’s self image and social belonging? YES, it is the first and most important step. In fact, acknowledging a person’s challenges is different from focusing on a person’s disability characteristic.

Designated Driver. A New Season. A new Drive. Empowering Parents Dealing With Autism

Sorry folks but honestly Holidays are not fun for most families dealing with Autism. Stress strain of finances, juggling diets, patterns and preferences, and dealing with an ignorant world. I spent the season relatively quietly. As a manager by trade and a chess player by talent, I like to know where I am going. My wife will tell you that I am all over the place in the day to day but actually my dreams, hope and vision long term is alive and well.

A Veteran Mom and Young Adult with Autism

A few weeks ago, at a Christmas art show I met a mom with two children, a 13-year old daughter and a 21-year old son with autism. Alice walked into Trent’s art booth and expressed her fascination with Trent’s art. I asked about her son and with enthusiasm in her voice, she spoke of how Rodney loved to draw. Alice talked about his fascination with the Chicago Bears team clothing, an athletic shoe, and the rock bands he downloads on his I’Pod. She then reluctantly talked about how her son became a ward of the state.