Layton: Shauna Layton

As a parent, activist, advocate, and founder of Together In Autism (T.I.A), Shauna’s focus will be on speeding the process from diagnosis to being informed, staying informed, raising awareness, connecting families, allowing them to share experiences, and helping those with autism thrive. All topics are all on the table: Vaccine & Environmental Toxins, Injuries, Biomedical Treatments, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Supplements, Therapies, Schooling/Homeschooling, Marriage, Greening Our Health, Latest News, Recovery, and much more. Topics will vary while giving autism parents, physicians, and advocates a voice. Emails are welcome for topic ideas, possible interviews, and stories you want to have told. Shauna's mission is not only to inform you and support you, but to give the public a voice through her program. “WE Are Together In Autism.” Visit