Hi everyone, my name is Tara and I started a group on Facebook, called vaccine injury in military families. I am aiming at creating a petition of anyone that would be willing to contribute their story and signature to the petition- in hopes of finding someone in congress, who would ask for an investigation in to the over use of vaccines and the vaccine schedule, and for looking for delayed reactions as well as addressing the options of non vaccination.

This has never been done before. I know its a long shot, but all I can do is try. many of our kids, also have Autism. My son does. I want to change the way the the military cares for our kids, and ways to prevent Autism.

Please check out the Facebook group, and help if you can. We need stories of kids being affected by vaccines, and how the doctors reacted, and vaccine dates and all that.

It would help a great deal, even if its just one child saved, it would be worth it.

I am Tara by the way- my son is Isaac- he is 5- we are doing chelation, and he is nonverbal. He developed encephalitis after over vaccination- and since then I have learned that I am the only one besides God that can figure out how to help my son.