Top 10 To-Do List For Autism

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Living Life Abundantly Balancing Energetics Using Water In Healing Eating The Right Food Exercising & Breathing Dealing With Emotions Testing With Purpose Doing Body-Work Taking Supplements Detoxing Body&House
Restoring Hope & Faith that healing is possible Giving Love & Affection thru words & acts (hugs) Having Joy & Laughter, as well as Pleasure from aromatic oil scents, art, nature, music & touch Forgiving (+/- after visualization-shouting) Get rid of unnecessary stress (no rush-hr driving) Avoid most news, most TV & negative movies Parents avoid bad relationships
Get 20-30 min. daily sun exposure (best in AM) Ground to the Earth (copper wire or hug a tree) Create sleeping sanctuary & go to bed by 10pm) Reduce Electrosmog exposure (flip off breakers) Remove metal jewelry & metal belt buckles Reduce noise & bright lights
Drink ½ oz. water per pound body wt. per day To hydrate, add ¼ tsp salt substitute + ¼ tsp baking soda (Al-free) + 1-2 Tbsp honey per quart water Bath +8cups soda X 3 nights; +2cups seasalt X 1 nt Avoid chlorine & chlorine degredation byproducts Minimize flouride exposure
Eat more raw foods esp. fermented or sprouted Eat without distractions after relaxing first Bless all foods & be grateful before eating Avoid processed/prepackaged foods Avoid white foods (dairy, wheat, cane sugar) Avoid foods previously eaten daily (allergens)
Rock, bounce, rebound, stretch & breathe deeply Masgutova reflex training movements Start some movement/exercise today Avoid TV-watching Minimize or avoid computer games Avoid exercising to exhaustion
Develop goals & a positive attitude Visualize health daily Emotional Freedom Technique, TFT, REMAP Recall Healing- Name it, claim it & dump it Avoid negative thoughts/words esp. from docs Never say or think “healing is not possible”
Energetic/intention test (eg. Muscle test) Get quiet & “listen” for answers (pray) Do saliva & urine pH & urine specific gravity Avoid expensive, painful lab-work Avoid testing without a specific goal in mind
Look for causes of symptoms rather than giving drugs to cover-up the symptoms Use Ki-therapy, manual lymph drainage, massage Consider liver/gall bladder flush Modified juice fast + fiber & clay to cleanse bowel Avoid or spread-out vaccinations; educate parents Treat skull-jamming, contussive & incisive scars Treat energetic blocks in teeth, tonsils, etc.
Start liquid multi-minerals & Himilayan seasalt Start Magnesium malate Apply Iodine tincture to skin until not absorbed Avoid most general multi-vitamins Avoid calcium supplement unless the dose of magnesium is 2 times greater
Open 2 or more windows a few min. per day Change air filters on AC/heater ducts often Inspect for & resolve mold growth & water leaks Do not wear outdoor shoes inside the house Do not use products with strong smell Do not use on skin any product you wouldn’t eat