A short biography of Robert Eusebio

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I was under the age of fifteen when the doctor advised me, rather forced me to attend a gym (fitness centers did not exist).

I weighed 59 kilos for a height of one meter and eighty centimeters; I had a roach back attitude, with anteversion of the basin and began to worsen scoliotic curve of the column: in short, that type of man described as "spineless" ... but ironically it's true I had serious problems ! Friends call me skinny!

I was a boy very insecure, introverted, do not adore the team games since then very weak structurally and psychologically fragile.

My introversion led me to an insecurity that limited the opportunities that life could offer me, in fact, studying, reading, watching TV, this was the most physical activity I was doing ..

Watching television in the years around 1981 - 1985, I began to appreciate those physical environments culturistici and film offers us, like the great athlete Lou Ferrigno, this man is weak but when they did irritate by magic turned the incredible Hulk, Invincible, with those muscles could affect anyone in his way of being, or the great Arnold in Conan the Barbarian, with its powerful muscle strength against the forces of nature, and so on with Hercules, played by Steve Rees, and Stallone with Rambo, Rocky, etc ....

These characters induce me some confidence to some inner strength, which in my imaginary world made me invincible.!

Although this is not crazy about exercise gym, indeed it was for me an abnormal fatigue. Why would I make that effort?

I spent the first three years of gym, supervised by my parents that control whether you attended or if you really like in school, bigiavo. I never liked being forced to do something that I did not like to do! Like all the rest!

When my parents surrendered to refuse categorically that I wanted to still attend the gym, just then I began to thrill to it seriously! At nineteen about rivalutai: basically, all things considered, it was also nice, I am referring especially to the presence of girls! Although my insecurity confined just to look at me ... J) ... ..

I had done three years without seeing even a muscoletto that could motivate me to continue, I had changed at least one hundred cards workout, then I tried to analyze the reason for my failure.

My training was based on congestion and not lifting weights the muscles, so what does that mean? I concentrated too tired to load and I (as a longshoreman), however the solution was much simpler: just enough load wring every district muscles.

But the truth is that We have to look good inside of me, I began to love me the beginning of a long study of who I was as I was feeling that gave me workouts, which produce endorphins my body to give me all that pleasure? and above all safety in me so I tried?

I looked like a university of fitness to each repetition seemed to think of something, in reality only the brain linked to what I was doing.

In three months, "Explosive": I never got what he achieved in years, but above all I began to appreciate how important it was to know ...

Twenty years have already weighed 76 pounds, a beast of muscles, now friends called me that.

No longer follow the training table, I went to instinct, do exercises that gave me pleasure, exercises that calmed me and made the anger inside me as a supply of energy to be determined as appropriate in other activities that brought me life;

was so convinced to go deeper than what I was learning and began to enroll in courses to become an instructor: now I was really convinced and gassed!

At the age of twenty-six I faced the first race I looked, I said my coach, "a potato big but smooth smooth, without a minimum of definition." In fact I classificai, indeed not even want to remember.

In addition to physical lacked the harmony between body and mind so that we can deliver on the stage of my potential.

It was not just a matter of growing in the muscle structure, the real challenge at that point was also evolve in the way of thinking, perceiving reality, to bring my ideas about life to me and to others. Something still does not make me a credible effort that I was doing. The physical effort he had finally found an answer in practice was moved to that point emotionally and psychologically. I needed to feel the space they occupy, the movement with which I speak, content that my mind and my heart wanted to publish.

So I turned to a famous choreographer and dancer, of Padua, who called me "a piece of wood! Yet, the more I compared them with other athletes, the more I realized that my potential was exceptional: small articular joints that emphasized the roundness muscle ratio bisiliaco axis and axis bisacromiale perfect height to the standard, there was only a little 'quality muscle I could only get with food, but alas I liked to eat!

It took years of sacrifice, but, after the selection Olympia Academy, where he attended the best Italian athletes, I classificai third on 120 athletes. I spent a year preparing: There are no friends, discos or other, a year spent preparing the most coveted and important race in Italy for the athletes of height-weight. Academy won the trophy (with their great prize). I remember that before the game the tension was sky high, never been so nervous in my life!

As you all know I've done it: I won the title of national champion UNLIMITED. There were 112 athletes, 22 in my category swept, and the absolute, that is first of all groups came first, as Highlander: it remains only one! I felt a really immortal incredible feeling.

I stood at the apex of my career for a while 'time, but remain committed to racing meant giving up too much privacy, and I decided to leave the world of the agony, but remained in the environment to pass to other athletes or no, all my experiences.

Today I practice, I like to stay fit, I like to live, I like the contact with others, in short guys ... I found my balance.

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