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Military Families

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Hi everyone, my name is Tara and I started a group on Facebook, called vaccine injury in military families. I am aiming at creating a petition of anyone that would be willing to contribute their story and signature to the petition- in hopes of finding someone in congress, who would ask for an investigation in to the over use of vaccines and the vaccine schedule, and for looking for delayed reactions as well as addressing the options of non vaccination.

Washington Post article

Here is another good article highlighting issues military families have. I hope some people are reading this one too!

Autism and the Military Family article

This article is from the Autism File magazine this fall. I hope it will help more people become aware of the extra issues that face military families with special needs - and offer to help!

Hi, introduce myself

Hi, my name is Debbie, I have a 3 year old son with autism and we will be soon arriving to Peterson AFB.

wanted to say

My name is Melissa and currently stationed at Fort Bragg, NC where my husband is now deployed. We have a 6.5 yr old who has ASD, very high functioning, and is non verbal. Just wanted to say hello