I Feel Like I'm The Pied Piper!

Something strange is happening. I feel a little like the Pied Piper! Wherever I am, a child with Autism is always in close proximity. It seems as though every time I am at the grocery store waiting in those long lines, I spot a mom trying to control her son while onlookers grimace with disgust.

In Costco, I witnessed a young couple trying to control their waling child. People were looking at this couple like, “… OMG can’t you control your kid!” until finally, the father picked the six or seven year old up and left the building.

Here was this poor mom, out of sorts, embarrassed by her child’s behavior and the mean stares she was receiving and my heart went out to her. I quickly pushed my cart behind her and asked her loud enough so everyone standing around could hear me, “Are you ok? Can I do anything for you?” Then, in an even louder voice, I asked her, “Does your child have a neurological disorder?” She smiled with some relief and told me, “Yes, he does, Bobbie has Autism.”

“Really.” I replied, “So that explains the outbursts that are typical with autism. He is not being a brat, he has autism.”

“Yes!” she replied as we both looked over to the people who did not seem to have a clue.

Today, in Jewel Foods there was a young boy screaming because he wanted to go in all the lines to check out. The store was extremely crowded and people were staring at this poor woman with disdain wondering what kind of mother she was because she allowed her son to act so badly. I walked over to the mom and asked her if she was alright. “Yes”, she said “my son has Autism.”

I replied, “My child has autism, too.” People then started to look in different directions as I began to look around at them.

I am contemplating creating a job that educates the staff of grocery stores on autistic children’s behavior. Or maybe they should hang signs in the check out lines: “If you see these behaviors A. B. or C, it’s most likely Autism.”

I do not exactly know what the answer is. I’m just glad I was paying attention and was able to help. For all of the mom’s standing in lines at the grocery store, I salute you!


A special message for Tim Ryan, Thank you, I love you! God blessed me with the most wonderful friendship. I'm one lucky gal, my ship would sink without you! xoxox Rhonda(: