Happy Anniversary and Birthday, Honey!

Dear Ed,

You are the man of my dreams and the best father and stepfather in the whole wide world. How blessed we all are. Positive dreams and thoughts and wishes can really come true. Thank you for believing in our boys and respecting them for the wonderful people they are. The boys and I are so fortunate to be able to share life with you. Thank you for your love and creativity and for all you do for us and so many others.

Happy anniversary and birthday, Honey.



Congratulations to the both of you on your recent anniversary. I pray you continue to be blessed with the patience I have seen and the love you have for each other. Thank you for your commitment to your son and to our children. - Cathy Cherry

Happy Birthday Ed

Thank you for all you do for our community. I am so happy I can call you friend. My birthday is today. Oct. 2nd. Just penned my 30,000 tweet on way to a goal of 100,000. Hoping we will have Action & Answers before I get there. Once, Again Thank you, Happy Birthday... Also Thank you Teri for keeping us pointed in the right direction. TannersDad Tim