Gear Up: Hope on the Rise

Plainly, we have a lot with which to deal on a daily basis and there is no relief from the healthcare costs for autism. There is one good thing just around the corner. The AutismOne (AO) annual conference (May 25 – 29, 2011) will be held at the central hub of our great country, Lombard, IL, a western suburb of Chicago.

You may have to travel miles away from home, but as soon as you arrive you will fully understand your sole purpose for being at the AO conference. You will find yourself blending in with other attendees striving to achieve the same goals. If you have never “been there and done that”, this year is a must “be there” conference year. If the theme, “Autism on a Budget” is not enough to entice you, the AO board also promises that this conference will be social, fun and educational. They even offer a budget tract for parents like us. The $25.00 registration fee covers conference materials, otherwise, this year, there is no charge to attend. You will also get to browse, to your heart’s content, all the vendors represented. It will be like the Disneyland of Autism.

But, if you are not able to attend, check out their web site: to see what they may have to offer in the future. We continue to learn to deal with our love one(s) who are on the autism spectrum, and AutismOne truly has a lot to offer its readers and conference attendees. To register for AO conference go to

I will be one of the presenters on Thursday May 26 from 4 to 5pm. The title of my presentation is “Hope for Autism: The Berard Method”. This topic will be spoken from my heart as a parent, and from my perspective as a practitioner. Also, there will be two other presenters speaking about the Berard Method. They are Sally Brockett, M.S. and Jeffrey D. Lewine, Ph.D. You can check out their bios and presentations at the web site listed above. Likewise, you can check out the myriad of other specialists who will be presenting. Peruse the huge list, and if you can make it, your “be there” experience will be par excellence. You will not only walk away overwhelmed with new information, but also with vigor and hope.

When you attend my presentation, sign the ASES check-in sheet to let me know that you were there. Better yet, introduce yourself to me. Best of all, sign in and introduce yourself. I enjoy meeting all the faces of HOPE.

Very truly,