Exercise Connection Thank You

It has now been 3 days since the conference and I am still at a loss for words. I had the opportunity to meet so many great parents, families, doctors, and people involved in the lives of our children.

I want to personally thank Ed and Teri. Thank you for this incredible opportunity, I am so blessed to be apart of Autism One and hope that I can continue to bring my expertise to the families of Autism One.

I want to thank the many families and children that I met. Thank you for taking the time to stop and talk with me. Many of you gave me suggestions about The Exercise Connection and many of you loved what I am doing. I want to thank you for all your insight. It will continue to keep me motivated and focused on helping our children.

To the many exhibitors that I spoke with. It was great being there with some of you since early Wednesday morning. I was glad to hear about your products and what all of you do to improve the lives of our children and families.

We are all in the together, we will all make a difference...I am glad that I can be a part of it.

Yours in Health,

David S. Geslak


Robb and I had a great time at the conference. I can't thank all the volunteers and organizers enough the conference ran so smoothly because of their hard work. We are now busy sewing and stuffing big pillows as fast as we can. To David and the men of Autspot a big hello we enjoyed your friendship and input. To all the parents who attended the conference your love for your children, confidence in their future and uplifting optimism was fantastic. This website is a brillant idea and I hope it becomes a great resource for communication, information and support for all those involved in helping children and adults on the spectrum. Emily (of Austism Furniture better known as "big pillows")
I also, wanted to thank Ed and Teri for all their tireless help in keeping me on track to show our furniture even though we had to change locations a few times. It worked out very well as we were able to share big jumps with excited children a thousand times over!
One of the things that impressed and pleased me the most was to see all the love and support given as we work for the common goal of helping those with autism. Thanks to all, Robb ---special hi to David from your pillow friends in Oregon.