AUTISM ONE AND HEALTH FREEDOM EXPO JOIN HANDS: Thousands to Hear the Truth about Autism and Chronic Disease

Tel: (714) 680-0792 January 18, 2012

Thousands to Hear the Truth about Autism and Chronic Disease

LOS ANGELES, CA : In a defining moment in the history of American health, the Health Freedom Expo and AutismOne joined forces today and announced that they are working together to present, protect, and preserve the best health choices for the American public.

Health Freedom Expo, one of the driving forces of the progressive health movement, and AutismOne will bring to Health Freedom Expo attendees throughout the year and from coast to coast a special program devoted to accurately informing the public about the real biological reasons and effective remediation for autism, with an emphasis on related advocacy issues. The first three-day program of lectures and panels, AutismOne SoCal at Health Freedom Expo, will be held March 2-4, 2012, in Long Beach, CA.

This combined meeting will give leaders of each advocacy arena a chance to synergistically grow ideas and develop common strategies. AutismOne thanks Tim Bolen of the Bolen Report ( for his forward-thinking insight in facilitating this auspicious collaboration.

Teri Arranga, AutismOne’s director said: “We are delighted to be joining forces with a movement that is vital to the future of this country. Health Freedom Expo has a distinctive record of leadership, providing essential information for thousands of individuals.” Arranga continued: “We are at a tipping point. All of us must come together, or there will be no tomorrow. Our country cannot survive the exploding growth in the rate of autism that is now 1 in every 45 boys in many states. We have answers, and we are proud to present them and be a part of Health Freedom Expo."

“It’s not like it’s seen on TV,” said Laura Rowley, AutismOne’s associate director, who continued, “Autism is screams of agony in the middle of the night, seizures during the day, endless fear, and walking a tightrope that puts parents at odds with a dysfunctional school system, a public health system in denial, and doctors who would further harm their children."

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