ADVOCATE FOR ABUSED GIRL AND PROTECT OTHERS! Evelyn Guzman CT Bus Driver with 1000+ Texts Seeking Court Rehab: Tell Judge NO!

This story brings tears to your eyes. A sweet girl with autism was abused on her school bus . . . suffering . . . .

Evelyn Guzman CT Bus Driver with 1000+ Texts Seeking Court Rehab: Tell Judge NO!

Jennifer Davila plead guilty in the case involving injury to my daughter Bella on 4/1. (I went into slight detail about the story at the end of my book.) Davila's mother was arrested for texting over 1000 times, as seen on the video surveillance tapes during the Davila investigation. She is going to seek a court rehab program for first time offenders - and I am asking for your help to prevent that. None of us should fear that a bus driver might kill our children or anyone else on the road.

I created a PETITION so that I can hand deliver your message to the judge next week. Guzman should not walk away without a record. Thank you.

I'm Kim Stagliano. Last May my daughter then 9 year old Bella was assaulted on her school bus by the bus monitor. Bella has autism and does not speak. The monitor plead guilty to her charges today, 4/1. Her MOTHER Evelyn Guzman (in photo) was the bus driver - and during review of video tape from the bus, was caught TEXTING while driving the special ed bus - over 1000 texts in 4 weeks. See story here:

Guzman is appealing to Bridgeport Court for a "rehab" program that will prevent her from having a record. I do not want her to walk away FREE.

We need to tell the judge NO - our children deserve safety. YOU deserve safety as you drive or simply get your mail from your mail box.

Please sign the PETITION, which I will share with the judge on 4/8. You can reach me at KimStagliano@gmail. Please share with friends and family. Thank you. Bella's Mom.