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Adults with Autism

Adults with Autism

A place for Adults with Autism and their family to interact, share information and support one another. Please let us know what you want to discuss, need help with or are looking for from your group members.

If you have meet-ups, events or want to organize getting together in your area with other let us know and we can help you set that up. Send a message to the group administrator if you need assistance.

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Autisc adults help and resources

this is new but growing
Aspergers/Autistic Adults
This forum is for anyone on the autistic spectrum.

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What brings you here?

I am glad to see there is a group for adults on the spectrum!

When I first started peeking out in the world as an Autistic adult there were not many of us willing to step up and out with bold pride. Recently I was working with my youngest and I asked him to look up the word "defiance". To my surprise his simple dictionary described it as "boldly standing up" I understand why some people think I am socially inappropriate, or even defiant. According to some social norms and cultures my normal seems defiant.