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The book Vaccine Epidemic

I gave a copy of the book to the assistant director at Kathy's center. They handle all disabilities and also have a school for autism.

I work with a soldier who refused the anthrax vaccine

A soldier in his unit took the vaccine and had a terrible reaction so when it was his turn he refused. At first he was given a dishonorable discharge but later he finaly recieved a honorable discharge. I commend him for standing up for what is right and true. NOW THAT IS A TRUE SOLDIER AND AMERICAN!!!!!!

Bill Gates needs to stick to software

Why does his software always have problems? probably because he thinks like the vaccine people. JUST GET TO MARKET AND FIGURE IT OUT THEN.

how much longer? DEMAND ACTION NOW

In 1962 my sister Kathy went to the doctor and got her shots so she could go to first grade. 2 weeks later my mother got a call from school saying there was something wrong with her. the doctor said she had a virus that stopped blood flow to her brain causing brain damage. That was 48 years ago and they are still giving vaccines to children. We have to change the way we give vaccines. THEY CAN"T STOP ALL OF US.