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How to Get From O'Hare Airport to the Westin Lombard for under $5 (if you don't mind walking)

If you have anything other than a small roll-aboard suitcase, I would not recommend this route. It would be better to take a shuttle. For those that are a little adventuresome and fearless, proceed!

This year's conference is quite a bit further from the airport than in previous years. The Westin does have a special deal with a shuttle company but it is still $27 each way and they do not have a complementary shuttle like the one in Rosemont.

A Call to Artists: Integrating Autistic artists as valued members of the arts community.

Autism should not keep the brightest artistic minds of our generation under lock and key. Every time I go to a big Autism conference I am always in rapture with the unique artistic creations persons with Autism are making. To me, it makes perfect sense how an individual with a unique perception of the world would be able to generate works of art that are other worldy. Throughout history, this type of creativity has in many instances been highly sought and highly rewarded.

Post-Conference Thoughts: Building Blocks of Success

On May 31 at 3:30pm CST, I collected the last of the AutismOne video recordings. A long week had come to a close. Browsing through my hard-drive I realized what a great opportunity the conference presents to parents. In just 6 days, my crew produced well over 100 recordings. Each recording represents an opportunity for parents to sift through a sea of information and hopefully uncover a pearl that will help their children.

Turning over the right stone on vaccinations

After viewing the recent Hearing on Autism Research, it raised in my mind a very logical question regarding vaccinations. Out of all of the research done no study has directly compared the prevalence of Autism between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. We have been hovering over the issue of vaccinations in connection to Autism for a long time. I feel that this issue does need to be definitively put to rest.